Friday, October 26, 2012

7 months later and I still cant believe it...


I can't believe it has been so long since I have written in this blog. Needless to say I have been having a blast on the road. Let' see, since I last blogged I have celebrated my 24th birthday and most importantly welcoming my baby nephew, James into the world. 

End of June we were in Iowa for an IndyCar Race then stopped through Omaha for the College World Series to root on Sergio's school South Carolina. 
We were showing off the sunglasses we painted!

Indoor Skydiving at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, CA. It was an awesome experience, kind of makes me want to do the real thing :)


 While in Phoenix we got a day off to go tubing down the Salt River! Good thing it was hot out, because that water was chilly!!

          X-Games: We were lucky enough to work at the X-Games in Los Angeles. 


<-----We did a cool event in LA for the
 Billabong Design For Humanity at Paramount Studios.

Lots of Changes throughout tour...

Sad Day: Erin, one of my partners left tour at the end of July. She was offered a job in our company's office back in Chicago, which is incredible awesome for her but sad for Sergio and I. 

Our final Adventures with Erin were to San Diego, Yosemite National Park and Portland, Oregon to see yes, more Waterfalls!

We went Paddle boarding and to the San Diego Zoo:

 San Diego, CA

Yosemite National Park: in these pictures you will see me at Lower Yosemite Falls, Vernal Falls, and Half Dome. Vernal Falls was probably the steepest hike I think I will ever do in my life.

Yosemite National Park
Multnomah Falls near Portland, OR

Multnomah Falls in Oregon
Sergio, me and Tatiana

<----We now have our new partner, Tatiana who is amazing! She is from Tampa, Florida and is getting married in November of this year :) So sadly, we will be losing her beginning of November. It is still to be decided who will be replacing her for the remaining month of tour.

JULY 25, 2012 James William Trine was born! 

                          Proud Auntie right here!

For my Birthday, my friends and co-workers made it one amazing weekend! My best friend Kara came to visit me in San Francisco, CA for the weekend. Kara and I hung out at the Fisherman's Wharf and visited the house from the T.V. Show 'Full House'Then, we traveled up to Lake Berryessa to spend a day on the lake to go wake boarding and tubing. 

Left Oregon to see Baby James! I got spend 3 whole days with my week old nephew! I can't wait to get  home spend more time with him! Also, got to help celebrate one of my best friends wedding and see my best friends Michael and Stephanie. 
Kavilan and Rachel McClain August 5th, 2012

Cool Events we did in August:
           We worked at a venue called Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California where the singers Macy Gray and Seal performed. Shortly after we worked at he 49ers Training Camp in San Francisco for a day.

Next stop, LAS VEGAS:
            We were lucky enough to meet up with two other street teams in Las Vegas. Where we celebrated Sergio's birthday, Melissa's birthday and celebrate Tatiana's Bachelorette party all in a few short days. 

For those of you who do not know what I mean by "street team" There are 12 Verizon Wireless Street teams throughout the U.S. 3 of which are in each region. Being the the West coast, is one of the larger regions, it is rare to see any other team while traveling on the road. We were lucky just to see one other team, let alone 2. Needless to say we have a great time in Vegas that week!

After Las Vegas we did quite a bit of driving back and forth from Colorado to California. I think in 3 short weeks, we needed an oil change already. I think we drove about 5,000 miles in that short amount of time.

Landscape Arch

<----We got to stop at Arches National Park again with another team!

             Whitewater Rafting down the Colorado River with the other teams!

It was a GREAT month to say the least...

Our 2nd to last IndyCar race was in the beautiful Sonoma, California. Sadly not much time to enjoy the beautiful area and the wineries. I was able to make a pit stop for my mother at a local winery called Envolve. Better known as Ben(from the Reality show "The Bachelor") winery. haha I was happy to stop snap some pictures and pick up some memorabilia for her.


Started off amazing with a Music Festival in Snowmass Village, Colorado.
We were able to see Sugarland, Kid Rock, Mumford and Sons, Steve Miller Band, Michael Franti and Spearhead, and more. Our tent was set up to where we could see the Big Screen of all the performers, plus we were able to enjoy the last hour of the final show each night up close.

Snowmass Village, CO

To top off that amazing weekend, I got my hands on some MTV Video Music Award tickets at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Boy was that an awesome experience!

Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA

We stuck around the Los Angeles area to work at a couple more concerts like Luis Miguel, multiple Grammy winner of Latin music, Luis Miguel and The Dave Mathews Band in Irvine, CA. Seemed like we were on a role with cool events. That same week we did the X-Factor Premiere Party. No we didn't get to go inside, but it was still a cool experience to be a part of. Next was the final race for IndyCar, which was held in Fontana, CA. Boy was it a hot miserable weekend. We were happy to get away from there and back to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles we were able to be a part of an event called "How Sweet the Sound" which is a Gospel Choir competition Verizon puts on every year. They travel to about 10 cities to find the best Gospel Choir. Following, we drove up to San Diego for a College Football Game. It really made me miss my Southern Illinois Saluki's.

Biggest Adventure all year: HAVASUPAI FALLS

We took a Helicopter down to Havasupai Village(American Indian Tribe that has called the Grand Canyon its home for at least the past 800 years) then hiked 6 miles(total) to see three gorgeous waterfalls! Ending the trip with one amazing 8 mile hike through the Grand Canyon to the Hilltop! Talk about an accomplishment. Such an awesome journey that I recommend to everyone!

Last top in September, we made our way to Albuquerque, NM and Las Cruces, NM for a couple events, and to visit one of Sergio's friends. 


Glad we made it Phoenix, AZ again. I got to see my friend Dotson and play some human size Jenga again. 

Crazy Fan Event: Kc-Con in Irvine, CA. K-Con is an event held every year for Korean Pop music fans. It is an assortment of bands that come to play at one venue. Needless to say there were thousands upon thousands of fans, making it a crazy day and night for us. Overall, it was a really fun event, with an energetic crowd.

Come on down, your'e the next contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!

Unfortunately, no one from our group got called down. But it was so fun to be a part of! you can catch our taping January 1st, 2013!!

Presently, we are in Seattle, WA where it is rainy, rainy, rainy, and cold. haha. Right before we came here we were in Walla Walla, Washington, what a name. We plan on being here in Seattle until the weekend then I believe we head back to California. It is crazy to think we only have 2 months left of tour. The other two teams that are in the west coast as well, are closing out their tour 2nd week of November. So it will just be our team to handle all the events in the west coast. We most likely will be doing primarily winter sporting events. I may face my fear and hit the slopes again, we shall see. I think I am going to try snowboarding instead of skiing though. Wish me Luck! Thanks reading!! Miss you all so Much!! Sending Love from Seattle,WA

Seattle, WA

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